In my part of the physical and digital world, discourse has gotten a lot more polarized in recent years. People are less likely to presume good intent and are more likely to take the worst possible view of another’s words. People are less likely to consider nuanced positions and instead…

ArtOfCode, the team lead for Codidact, recently wrote Building Codidact: Not Just Tech. It begins:

I’ve been working on Codidact for the last 18 months or so. We’ve built up from nothing, planned what we wanted to do, put systems up, started work, changed course, re-started work, switched systems, and…

We’ve had a rough few days. I get that you’re tired of hearing about it, but the damage is still there, so we can’t just ignore it, hide behind the weekend, and hope it’ll blow over. It won’t. You need to act.

Your silence in the face of bad behavior…

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Recently on Worldbuilding Stack Exchange, somebody asked: what would be the least traumatic way to introduce resurrected historical humans to 21st-century life? The question postulates that, somehow, it has become possible to resurrect everybody who ever lived, and we somehow have places to put all 100 billion or so of…

a short story in three acts

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Matt sat in the back row of his freshman anthropology class, browsing Twitter on his phone. Kevin, sitting next to him, whispered, “careful, he’s looking this way.”

Professor Ramirez paused, then nodded toward the student sitting two rows in front of them. “Yes, Leonard?”

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“A new goddess for Dal!” The warlord of Mel whistled in appreciation. “That’s bold.”

“It will do the job,” the warlord of Sav answered. He watched a wave splash onto the shore. “Mel will need to confirm it. Do you think you can arrange that?”

The other man looked confused…

S’ilu stood motionless at the shore in the center of the ring of priestesses. She gazed upward at Sav, full and shining in the clear midnight sky, ignoring plump Mel in the western sky and the ever-present newcomer in the east. An ecstatic smile spread across the high priestess’s face…

The warlord of Sav set a pot of hot-drink before his mother. Usaygo filled her cup, sipped, and nodded. He sat facing her across the table in his small front room.

“How are your guests settling in? Have they shared anything useful yet?”

Usaygo looked the warlord in the eye…

1400 was the target we set.
My story in place, I flew through the net.
Dragging my germs with me, back to the plague I flee —
I’m not supposed to be here!
Fevered, delirious, Lord are you getting this?
I never asked what’s the year? What’s the year?! …

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Dr. Benjamin Richardson heard the cry as he strode down the hall. He opened the door and crossed the small room in three steps. “Hello, I’m Doctor Richardson,” he said while setting the clipboard he carried down on the bank of equipment by the bed.

The girl stared up at…

Monica Cellio

Community lead on Codidact, building a better platform for online communities: By the community, for the community. Opinions mine.

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